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Manish Khanduri
Manish Khanduri

Khanduri distributes free masks amid Coronavirus fears in Uttarakhand

Manish Khanduri, President of Jai Durga Samajik Kalyan Sansthan NGO in Uttarakhand said the time has come to make masks compulsory for all. The NGO started distributing masks two weeks ago when the WHO and the state government advisory made masks voluntary.

In the light of new advisories across the world where many governments are enforcing the mask rule, Khanduri told the news channel NDTV that it was a challenge to distribute them in some areas in the hilly state. However, they have managed to distribute about 75,000 masks in the state, he said.

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“Uttarakhand is vulnerable in terms of logistics and medical facilities to fight coronavirus. There are two major challenges we faced, one is providing them to the frontline staff such as the state government employees and the police.  Secondly, distributing it across the remote villages. ”

As villages in Uttarakhand do not have access to medical facilities, it is important to cut off cities from spreading the virus in these villages, he noted. “It is important to spread the message as medical facilities are not up to the mark in the state,” he noted.

The JDSKS has taken up early in March the task of procuring masks and distributing them among the people in Uttarakhand. as it turned out, the need for masks has become essential when people venture out in the streets or in nearby areas. Delhi government has made it compulsory already.

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